Hadzhega, Vasyl

Hadzhega, Vasyl [Гаджеґа, Василь; Hadžega, Vasyl'], b 28 July 1864 in Ruska Poliana, Maramureş region, Transcarpathia, d 15 March 1938 in Uzhhorod. Greek Catholic priest (canon and archpriest) in Transcarpathia; historian, pedagogue, and civic leader; full and honorary member of the Shevchenko Scientific Society. After graduating from a seminary in Budapest and obtaining a doctorate in theology in Vienna, he became archivist of the Mukachevo eparchy and professor at a theological seminary in Uzhhorod. He was active in pro-Ukrainian institutions, a leading member of the Christian People's party, and supporter of Rev Avhustyn Voloshyn’s views. As archivist, he did extensive research in the socio-economic history of Transcarpathia, and particularly in the history of the Ukrainian church. Many of his articles were published in the periodicals Naukovyi zbirnyk tovarystva Prosvita v Uzhhorodi, which he edited, and Podkarpatska Rus’ and the newspaper Nauka, both of which he coedited. He also wrote a novelette, Vyshchehrad (1926). A complete bibliography of his works appeared in Naukovyi zbirnyk tovarystva Prosvita v Uzhhorodi, vols 13–14 (1938).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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