Hankevych, Mykola

Hankevych, Mykola [Ганкевич, Микола; Hankevyč], b 16 May 1869 in Sniatyn, Galicia, d 31 July 1931 in Shklo, Yavoriv county, Galicia. Political and trade-union leader. A graduate of Lviv University and a lawyer by profession, Hankeych was active in socialist circles in Galicia and played an important role in organizing Ukrainian workers. In the 1890s he published briefly the newspaper Robitnyk (1897), then became a founding member of the Ukrainian Social Democratic party. During the First World War he was vice-president of the Supreme Ukrainian Council in Lviv and a founder of the General Ukrainian Council in Vienna. Hankevych edited Volia (Lviv) (1900–7), the newspaper of the Ukrainian Social Democratic party, and wrote prolifically for Polish and Ukrainian journals and newspapers. He was an active proponent of co-operation between Ukrainian and Polish socialists.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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