Hanuliak, Hryhorii

Hanuliak, Hryhorii [Гануляк, Григорій; Hanuljak, Hryhorij; pen names: H. Marusyn, Hryts Zazulia, Hrytsko Mamalyga], b 1 March 1883 in Syniava, Sianik county, Galicia, d 29 August 1945 in Sianik. Publisher, journalist, and writer. In 1908 he began to write in the Lemko vernacular for the Russophile press, including the journal Nauka, Halychanyn (1893–1913), Prikarpatskaia Rus’, and Volia narodu. In the 1920s he adopted a Ukrainophile orientation. He published a collection of poems, Vesniani sny (Spring Dreams, 1909), and several short stories and humorous monologues. In the 1930s he wrote 10 plays for folk theaters. In 1921 he founded the publishing house Rusalka and published the popular series Knyhozbirnia shkoliaryka (children's stories, many of which were authored by Hanuliak), Literarturna biblioteka, Narodna biblioteka (both edited by S. Kalynets), and Teatralna biblioteka (about 150 plays for amateur theatrical groups). He also published the journals Teatral’ne mystetstvo (1922–5) and Veselyi kalendar (to 1939). Hanuliak headed the Union of Ukrainian Merchants and Entrepreneurs in Lviv (1928–34).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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