Hnyla Lypa River

Hnyla Lypa River. (Map: Hnyla Lypa River.) A left-bank tributary of the Dnister River that flows through the Holohory and Podolian Upland within the borders of Lviv oblast and Ivano-Frankivsk oblast. The Hnyla Lypa is 87 km long and has a basin area of 1,320 sq km. The towns of Peremyshliany and Rohatyn are located on the Hnyla Lypa River. During the First World War pitched battles between the armies of the Central Powers and Russia, and between the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen and Russian forces, were fought along its banks. On 24–28 June 1919 the Second Corps of the Ukrainian Galician Army fought Polish forces along the river, which marked the Dusaniv-Vovkiv front.

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