Institute of the Ukrainian Scientific Language

Institute of the Ukrainian Scientific Language [Інститут української наукової мови; Instytut ukrainskoi naukovoi movy or ІУНМ; IUNM). A scientific research institute of the All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (VUAN) formed in 1921 after the consolidation of the Terminological Commission of the Ukrainian Scientific Society in Kyiv and the Orthographic-Terminological Commission of the Historical-Philological Division of the VUAN. It consisted of departments of law (chaired by Irynarkh Cherkasky), natural science (Pavlo Tutkovsky, Fedir Polonsky), technology (Kost Turkalo), agriculture (K. Osmak), and economics (Heorhii Kryvchenko). Its first director was Ahatanhel Krymsky; its secretaries were Mykola Liubynsky (until 1925) and Hryhorii Kholodny, who later became its second director. The IUNM flourished from 1925 to 1928, when it employed up to 25 scholars. From 1923 to 1930 it published over 20 terminological dictionaries in the fields of chemistry, geology, mathematics, administrative language, anatomy, zoology, botany, pedagogy, natural science, communal economy, construction, technology, and military affairs. It also published two issues of Visnyk IUNM (1928–30) and a manual (1928) for collecting natural-science terminological materials. In 1930 Kholodny and seven IUNM associates were defendants in the show trial of the Union for the Liberation of Ukraine and imprisoned; the work of the IUNM was condemned as nationalistic wrecking and the IUNM was abolished and replaced by the Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR.

Kost Turkalo

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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