Kalynovych, Ivan

Kalynovych, Ivan [Калинович, Іван; Kalynovyč], b 25 November 1884 in Lviv, d 12 November 1927 in Lviv. Bibliographer, publisher, and political figure. He was a founder of the Vsesvitna Biblioteka publishing house in Zolochiv and editor of the newspapers Drohobyts’kyi lystok (1919) and the Nashe slovo (Lviv) (1927). He wrote numerous bibliographies that appeared in journals such as Knyzhka (1921–3) and Nova Ukraïna (Prague) (1923) and in the calendars of the Prosvita society (1924–6). His bibliography of works on Ukraine in foreign languages and publications appeared in Kul’tura in Lviv and Ukraïna (1914–30) in Kyiv (1925, 1927). He published an index to the publications of the Prosvita society (1924) and separate bibliographies of Ukrainian studies (1924) and sources on the history of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen (1924). Kalynovych also prepared a catalogue of over 300,000 index cards on Ukrainian bibliography; it is now located in the Lviv National Scientific Library of Ukraine. A member of the Ukrainian Social Democratic party, in 1918–19, Kalynovych was a deputy to the Ukrainian National Rada of the Western Ukrainian National Republic and a representative to the Labor Congress in Kyiv.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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