Kanadiis’kyi farmer

Kanadiis’kyi farmer («Канадійський фармер»; Canadian Farmer). First Ukrainian-language newspaper in Canada, published weekly in Winnipeg, Manitoba, from 12 November 1903 to 9 November 1981. Its first owner was the North West Publishing Company formed by Kyrylo Genik, Ivan Bodrug, and Ivan Negrich. During its first decade it was subsidized by the Liberal party, and it maintained essentially a pro-Liberal policy until 1963. An advocate of Ukraine's independence, the paper was a staunch opponent of Communism and a strong supporter of the Ukrainian Canadian Committee. Except for a brief period (1928–32) when it belonged to the National Press, a pro-Conservative group led by H. Kurdydyk and L. Biberovych, it was owned from 1913 to 1973 by F. Dojaček and his sons. In 1966 an American edition of the paper, Vil’nyi svit, appeared. In the fall of 1973 it was purchased by Trident Press, the publisher of Ukraïns’kyi holos, with which it was amalgamated in 1981. Its editors included I. Negrich, O. Megas, Apolinarii Novak, Onufrii Hykavy (1913–32, 1944–5), Constantine Andrusyshen (1941–44), M. Hykavy (1945–61), Myroslav Shkavrytko (1963–73), B. Martynovych (1974–8), and Yu. Mulyk-Lutsyk (1978–81). Between 1929 and 1969 the circulation was approximately 15,000.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1989).]

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