Kaniv regiment

Kaniv regiment (Канівський полк; Kanivskyi polk). An administrative military-territorial unit of the Hetman state (see Regimental system) in Right-Bank Ukraine in 1648–78. It was one of the six core regiments of registered Cossacks which existed before the uprising led by Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky and the Cossack-Polish War. According to the Cossack register drawn up after the Treaty of Zboriv in 1649, the Kaniv regiment consisted of 3,167 registered Cossacks in 16 companies: 10 in Kaniv (2,057 Cossacks) and one each in Mezhyrichchia, Trekhtemyriv, Rzhyshchiv, Staiky, Mykhailivka, and Masliv Stav. In 1654 the regiment numbered 4,084 males, including 3,152 Cossacks. The regiment was destroyed by Turks in 1678. Its population was transferred to Left-Bank Ukraine and the headquarters transferred to Bohuslav, 40 kilometers southwest of Kaniv. Among the most notable colonels of the Kaniv regiment were Ivan Lyzohub and Yakiv K. Lyzohub.

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