Lyzohub, Yakiv K.

Lyzohub, Yakiv K. [Лизогуб, Яків], b ?, d 9 August 1698 in Chernihiv. Member of the Cossack starshyna. He served as colonel of Kaniv regiment (1666–9), Hetman Ivan Briukhovetsky's emissary to Moscow (1667), Petro Doroshenko's general osaul (1669–74), and acting hetman (1670 and 1673). In 1674 he crossed over to Left-Bank Ukraine. He participated in the general council that signed the Kolomak Articles and was a candidate for hetman in 1687. Lyzohub was known as a remarkable commander; he took part in the Crimean campaign and Chyhyryn campaigns, 1677–8, and served as colonel of Chernihiv regiment (1687–98) and acting hetman at the siege of Oziv (1696). He was buried in the Yeletskyi Dormition Monastery.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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