Chernihiv regiment

Chernihiv regiment (Chernihivskyi polk). A military and administrative-territorial unit of the Hetman state in 1648–1783 (see Regimental system). According to the Treaty of Zboriv register of 1649 this regiment included seven companies: Chernihiv, Borzna, Bakhmach, Baturyn, Konotop, Sosnytsia, and Ivanhorod, numbering 1,007 registered Cossacks. According to the Census of 1721 the Chernihiv regiment population of 18, 538 comprised 6,406 Cossacks and 12,132 peasants. By 1764 there were 18 companies (in total 101,556 persons of whom 9,838 were elect Cossacks and 19,810 were Cossack helpers). The battle strength varied. In 1723 there were 6,406 Cossacks divided into 1,822 infantry and 4,584 cavalry troops. By 1739 the numbers had fallen to 1,627 Cossacks and in 1739 there were 1,738 Cossacks. Its notable colonels who later became hetmans or other high officials were Martyn Nebaba, Stepan Pobodailo, Demian Mnohohrishny, Ivan Samoilovych, Yakiv K. Lyzohub, V. Dunin-Borkovsky, and Pavlo Polubotok.

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