Konovalets, Myron

Konovalets, Myron [Коновалець, Мирон; Konovalec'; pseudonym: Zashkivsky], b 22 July 1894 in Zashkiv, Lviv county, Galicia, d 14 October 1980 in Munich, West Germany. Journalist and civic figure; a lawyer by profession; brother of Yevhen Konovalets. In 1918–20 he served as a lieutenant in the Ukrainian Galician Army. In the interwar period he was a coeditor (1926–39) of the Lviv daily Novyi chas and secretary (1927–39) of the Supreme Executive of the Ridna Shkola society in Lviv. In 1940–5 he worked with the Ukrainian Central Committee as its office manager, legal adviser, and editor of Visnyk. After the Second World War he edited (1954–65) the weekly Khrystyians’kyi holos in Munich, and presided (1950–5) over the Ukrainian Journalists' Association Abroad. He wrote numerous articles and pamphlets on current affairs.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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