Kos-Anatolsky, Anatol

Image - Anatol Kos-Anatolsky Image - Roman Simovych, Mykola Kolessa, and Anatol Kos-Anatolsky.

Kos-Anatolsky, Anatol [Кос-Анатольський, Анатоль; Kos-Anatol's'kyj, Anatol'] (real surname: Kos), b 1 December 1909 in Kolomyia, Galicia, d 30 November 1983 in Lviv. Composer and educator. A graduate of the law faculty of Lviv University (1931) and Lviv Conservatory (1934), he taught at the Stryi Branch of the Lysenko Higher Institute of Music (1934–7) and later at the Lviv Conservatory (1952–83). His works include the opera To Meet the Sun (1957, revised as The Fiery Sky, 1959); the ballets Dovbush's Kerchief (1951), The Jay's Wing (1956), and Orysia (1964); the operetta Spring Storms (1960); the cantatas It Passed a Long Time Ago (1961) and The Immortal Testament (1963); the oratorio From the Niagara to the Dnieper (1969); two piano concertos and two violin concertos; chamber music; piano pieces; and choral works. He was awarded the Shevchenko State Prize in 1980.

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