Kulchytsky, Oleksander

Kulchytsky, Oleksander [Кульчицький, Олександер; Kul'čyc'kyj; also Kultschytzkyj], b 8 February 1895 in Skalat, Galicia, d 30 April 1980 in Sarcelles, France. Psychologist and educator; full member of the Shevchenko Scientific Society from 1947 and vice-president of its European branch (1952–80). After graduating in psychology from Lviv University (PH D 1930), he taught secondary school in Krosno, Zolochiv, Kolomyia, and Lviv. Appointed professor at the State Pedagogical Lyceum in Lviv for his contributions to educational psychology, a year later he fled the Soviet-occupation regime and worked in Munich, where in 1945 he became a professor of psychology at the Ukrainian Free University (UVU). Settling in Sarcelles in 1951, he chaired the Ukrainian Students' Aid Commission (1952–80), belonged to the Free International Academy of Sciences and Letters, founded and headed the Ukrainian-Polish Society in Paris, conducted research on Ukrainian emigrants in France for the National Center for Scientific Research, and served as rector (1962–3) and dean of the philosophical faculty (1972–4) of the UVU. His publications include numerous monographs such as Narys strukturnoï psykholohiï (Outline of Structural Psychology, 1949), Osnovy psykholohiï i filosofichnykh dystsyplin (Foundations of Psychology and Philosophical Disciplines, 1953), Die marxistisch-sowjetische Konzeption des Menschen im Lichte der westlichen Psychologie (1956), Das operative Schema der somatopsychischen Erfassung des ukrainischen Ethnotypus (1966), Vvedennia u filosofichnu antropolohiiu (Introduction to Philosophical Anthropology, 1973), and posthumously, Ukraïns'kyi personalizm—filosofs'ka i etnopsykholohichna synteza (The Ukrainian Personality—Philosophical and Ethnopsychological Synthesis, 1985).

Bohdan Krawchenko

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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