Image - Sarcelles, France: The Shevchenko Scientific Society building.

Sarcelles. See Map. A town (2018 pop 58,811) in the department of Val d’Oise in France, 17 km north of Paris. Since 1951 it has been the headquarters of the West European section of the Shevchenko Scientific Society (NTSh). The society has a library of 20,000 titles and served as the editorial office of Entsyklopediia ukraïnoznavtsva. The Ukrainian Students' Aid Commission (1951–82), a representation of the Ukrainian Free University (until 1980), and the Ukrainian Christian Movement were also located there. The town served as the publishing center of Visti iz Sarseliu, Visti NTSh v Evropi, and other publications. Volodymyr Kubijovyč, Oleksander Kulchytsky, Zenon Kuzelia, Oleksander Shulhyn, and other scholars affiliated with the NTSh are buried in a special section of the local cemetery.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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