Lazoryk, Fedir

Lazoryk, Fedir (Лазорик, Федір; pseudonyms: Fed Makovychanyn, Dalnozir), b 1 April 1913 in Becherov, Bardejov county, Slovakia, d 4 July 1969 in Bratislava. Ukrainian poet, novelist, and journalist in Czechoslovakia. He published several collections of poetry, including Slovo hnanykh i holodnykh (The Word of the Persecuted and the Hungry, 1949), Velyka syla (A Great Force, 1955), Snizhni khryzantemy (Snowy Chrysanthemums, 1968), and Karpats'ka zamana (Carpathian Lure, 1971); two novels, Svitanok nad selamy (Dawn over Villages, 1953) and Vik nash festyval'nyi (Our Festival Age, 1958); and children's literature. He edited the journals Priashevshchina, Druzhno vpered, and Duklia and the newpaper Nove zhyttia. The folk songs he collected were published in Spivanochky moï (My Songs, 1956).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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