Lopatynsky, Demian

Lopatynsky, Demian [Лопатинський, Демян; Lopatyns'kyj, Demjan], b 12 March 1866 in Lviv, d 8 February 1951 in Newark, New Jersey. Priest and church and civic leader. After serving in several rural parishes he was appointed canon of the Greek Catholic Halych metropoly and catechist for secondary schools in Lviv. A populist by conviction, he became one of the leading members of the National Democratic party and, later, the Ukrainian National Democratic Alliance. He served on the Lviv municipal council, chaired the board of directors of the Dilo Publishing Company (1910–39) (the publisher newspaper Dilo), and served on the board of Narodna Torhovlia. Under his care the Dormition Church in Lviv was restored. After emigrating in 1944, he organized parishes in Germany and England, and in 1950 he joined his family in the United States.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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