Lopukhov, Oleksandr

Image - Oleksandr Lopukhov: The Arrest of the Provisional Government (1957). Image - Oleksandr Lopukhov: War (1970).

Lopukhov, Oleksandr [Лопухов, Олександр; Lopuxov], b 12 September 1925 in Horodnia, Chernihiv okruha; 14 September 2009 in Kyiv. Painter. Lopukhov studied at the Kyiv State Art Institute (1947–53) and taught there after 1953 and served as its rector (1973–85). Between 1983 and 1989 he was the head of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. His paintings, many of which are in the National Art Museum of Ukraine, portray revolutionary and military themes in the spirit of socialist realism and Soviet patriotism. His best-known works are To Petrograd (V.I. Lenin) (1953), The Arrest of the Provisional Government (1955–7), The Arsenal Rebels (1956–60), War (1968–9), Moonlight Sonata (1968–70), and Victory (1973–5). An album of his works was published in Kyiv in 1975.

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