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Luchytsky, Ivan [Лучицький, Іван; Lučyc’kyj; Loutchisky], b 14 June 1845 in Kamianets-Podilskyi, Podilia gubernia, d 22 August 1918 in Kyiv. Historian and civic figure; corresponding member of the Saint Petersburg Imperial Academy of Sciences from 1908; father of Volodymyr Luchytsky. He graduated from Kyiv University (1866) and served as a professor of history there (1877–1908) and taught at the Higher Courses for Women in Saint Petersburg. He worked in the Poltava zemstvo administration and was elected to the State Duma as a representative of Kyiv and the Constitutional Democratic (kadet) party. He was a member of the Old Hromada of Kyiv and a contributor to Kievskaia starina. He was one of the cofounders of the Ukrainian Scientific Society in Kyiv. Luchytsky’s major works concerned socioeconomic and cultural-religious history; among them are Katolicheskaia Liga i kalvinisty vo Frantsii (The Catholic League and Calvinists in France, 1877), Krest'ianskoe zemlevladenie vo Frantsii nakanune revoliutsii (1900; repub in French as La propriété paysanne en France àa la veille de la révolution, 1912), Rabochee naselenie i ekonomicheskaia politika germanskikh gorodov 15–16 vv. (Worker Population and the Economic Policy of German Towns in the 15th–16th Centuries, 1894), Materialy dlia istorii zemlevladeniia v Poltavskoi gubernii v 18 v. (Materials for the History of Land Holding in Poltava Gubernia in the 18th Century, 1883; on the basis of the Rumiantsev census), and Etudes sur la propriété communale dans la Petite Russie (2 vols, 1895–9; also pub in Revue internationale de sociologie, 1895). His studies of the Ukrainian peasantry are considered the standard in the field.

Hrushevs'kyi, O. ‘Pamiaty profesora I.V. Luchyts'koho,’ in Nashe mynule, 3 (Kyiv 1918)

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