Lukomsky, Stepan

Lukomsky, Stepan [Лукомський, Степан; Lukoms'kyj], b 1701 in Uman, Bratslav voivodeship, d ca 1779. Historian. A graduate of Kyivan Mohyla Academy (1730), he served as a scribe in the General Military Chancellery and as captain of the Pryluky (1735–47), Yahotyn (1751–7), and Perevolochna (1757–63) companies and quartermaster of Pryluky regiment (1763). He translated Szymon Okolski’s Polish diary, as O Ostraninovoi voine z liakhami (On Yakiv Ostrianyn’s War with the Poles, 1738), and M. Tytlowski’s notes on the Polish-Turkish War of 1620–1, which he supplemented with information about events in Ukraine from 1639 to 1648, based on various Cossack chronicles (it appeared in the fourth volume of Samiilo Velychko’s chronicle, 1864). From Polish and Ukrainian chronicles Lukomsky compiled Sobranie istoricheskoe (Historical Collection, 1770), which covers the history of Ukraine from Gediminas (1299) to the end of the 16th century. It was published as a supplement to the Samovydets Chronicle in 1878 (translated and republished as The Eyewitness Chronicle [1972], accompanied by an analysis of Lukomsky’s work by Orest Levytsky). Lukomsky’s autobiography was published in Kievskaia starina (vol 9 [1890]), and Anatolii Yershov’s analysis of his sources was published in the Zapysky of the Nizhyn Institute of People's Education (vol 8 [1928]) (see Nizhyn State University).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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