Lypsky, Bohdan

Lypsky, Bohdan [Липський, Богдан; Lyps'kyj], b 9 April 1903 in Lviv, d 12 October 1969 in Toronto. Ukrainian Catholic priest and professor. After completing his studies at the Pontifical Institute of Oriental Studies in Rome, he taught at the Khrystynopil Monastery and then moved to Lviv in 1932 to teach moral theology and dogma at the Greek Catholic Theological Academy. He also served as chaplain (1932–9) of Ukrainian political prisoners in Galicia. In 1940–4 he was a member of the chancery office, in the Lemko region, and in 1946–51 he taught at theological seminaries in Germany (Hirschberg) and the Netherlands (Culemborg). He moved to Canada in 1951 to serve as a parish priest at Saint Nicholas’s Church in Toronto. In his pastoral work and in a monograph, Dukhovist' nashoho obriadu (The Spirituality of Our Rite, 1974), he stressed the importance of avoiding Latin influences and of maintaining the purity of the Eastern church rite in the Ukrainan Catholic church.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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