Lysiak, Pavlo

Lysiak, Pavlo [Лисяк, Павло; Lysjak], b 10 March 1887 in Uhniv, Rava-Ruska county, Galicia, d 8 January 1948 in Wattenscheid, Germany. Lawyer, civic and political figure, and publicist; husband of Milena Rudnytska and father of Ivan Lysiak Rudnytsky. As a student of law, economics, and political science at Lviv University and Berlin University he was active in the student movement. After the First World War he edited Ukraïns’kyi prapor in Vienna (1919–21) and the monthly Natio (1926) in Warsaw. Upon his return to Galicia he practiced law in Zhuravno, near Stryi (1927–39), and in 1938 he was elected as a candidate of the Ukrainian National Democratic Alliance to the Polish Sejm. During the Second World War he practiced law in Cracow (1940–4) and then emigrated to Germany, where he served in Goslar as president of the Regional Representation of the Ukrainian Emigration in the British zone. A brilliant editor and journalist, he contributed many articles, particularly on economics and Soviet policy in Ukraine, to such papers as Dilo, Novyi chas (which he briefly edited), and Krakivs’ki visti and wrote the booklet Nasha natsional’na polityka i ostannii Narodnii Z'ïzd (Our Nationality Policy and the Last Popular Congress, 1938).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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