Mandychevsky, Yevsevii

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Mandychevsky, Yevsevii [Мандичевський, Євсевій; Mandyčevs'kyj, Jevsevij; Mandyczewski, Eusebius], b 17 August 1857 in Molodiia, Chernivtsi county, Bukovyna, d 13 July 1929 in Vienna. Musicologist, composer, and conductor. A son of an Orthodox priest, Mandychevsky grew up in Chernivtsi where he studied music under Sydir Vorobkevych. He continued his studies under R. Fuchs and M. Nottebohm in Vienna, his home from 1875. In 1880 he became conductor of the Vienna Singakademie and archivist of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde. In 1896–1921 he was a professor at the Vienna Academy of Music as well as the Vienna Conservatory, teaching music history, composition, and instrumental science. His students included K. Böhm, G. Szell, and C. Prohaska. Mandychevsky was also engaged as a researcher, editor, and publisher of the collected works of Joseph Haydn, and worked on collections by Franz Schubert, Johann Sebastian Bach, and his close personal friend Johannes Brahms. He also wrote a study of Sydir Vorobkevych. His musical works included piano pieces, choruses, and art songs, a number of which used Ukrainian texts (such as two choral compositions to the lyrics of Taras Shevchenko).

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