Ostrozkyi Kliryk

Image - A page from Ostrozkyi Kliryk's Otpys na lyst ... Ipatiia Potiia published by the Ostrih Press in 1598-9.

Ostrozkyi Kliryk (Острозький Клирик; Ostrih Cleric). The pen name of an unidentified Orthodox polemicist. An opponent of the Church Union of Berestia, in 1598 he published a tract criticizing the 1438–45 Council of Ferrara–Florence (1598) (see Church Union of Florence) and a reply to Metropolitan Ipatii Potii, Otpys na lyst ... Potiia (Reply to the Letter ... of Potii, 1598–9). The works exhibit the author's erudition and oratorical skills. Scholars have postulated that the author was Meletii Smotrytsky, Yov Boretsky, or Havrylo Dorofeievych.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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