Pankevychivka [Панкевичівка]. An etymological orthography created by Ivan Pankevych in 1922 for use in Transcarpathian schools. It was based on the maksymovychivka orthography and Omelian Ohonovsky's 1885 Galician school grammar. Its rules, which were approved at the 1923 Transcarpathian Teachers' Conference after Hiiador Strypsky forbade the use of his own orthography, were elaborated in Pankevych's 1922 school grammar and remained in official use in Transcarpathia until 1945. The orthography reflected the local spelling traditions and the pronunciation of the Boiko dialect (the Verkhovynets dialect) and the dialect of the Maramureş region. It rendered i as ô in closed syllables and retained the etymological y and Special font (‘jat’'), but did not use the hard sign (ъ) or ê.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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