Strypsky, Hiiador

Strypsky, Hiiador [Стрипський, Гіядор; Stryps’kyj, Hijador; pseudonyms: Yador Bilenky, Beloň Rusinský], b 19 March 1875 in Shelestove, Bereg komitat, Transcarpathia, d 9 March 1949 in Budapest, Hungary. Civic figure, ethnographer, librarian, and publicist; member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences from 1913 and the Shevchenko Scientific Society from 1914. After being educated in Budapest, Lviv, and Cluj he worked as a librarian at the Transylvanian Museum in Cluj (1888–1908) and as a curator at the National Museum in Budapest (from 1910). He associated with Volodymyr Hnatiuk, Ivan Franko, and Avhustyn Voloshyn, contributed to the newspaper Nauka and Selo (1907), and published the journal Ukránia (1916–17) in Budapest. In 1918 he was appointed section head of Ruthenian affairs in the Hungarian Ministry of Culture and Education and adviser to the Ministry of National Minorities. In 1919 he organized a chair of Ruthenian studies at Budapest University. Among his scholarly publications are Starsha rus'ka pys'mennost' na Uhorshchyni (Old Ruthenian Writing in Hungary, 1907), Naistarshyi rumuns'kyi druk latynkoiu (The Oldest Romanian Incunabula in the Latin Alphabet, 1913), and Gde dokumenti starshoi istorii Podkarpatskoi Rusi? (Where Are the Documents of the Ancient History of Subcarpathian Ruthenia?, 1924), as well as an ethnographic description of Hungarian Ruthenia (1911), translations of Ukrainian literary works into Hungarian, and an annotated edition of Mykola Teodorovych’s 1791 guide to home management and etiquette (1919).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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