Pidkarpats’ka Rus’

Pidkarpats’ka Rus’ («Підкарпатська Русь»; Subcarpathian Ruthenia). A monthly journal of regional studies and pedagogy, published by the Pedagogical Society of Subcarpathian Ruthenia in Uzhhorod from 1923 to 1936. Until 1935 it was called Podkarpatska Rus’. The chief editors were P. Yatsko, Vasyl Hadzhega, and Avhustyn Shtefan, but the de facto editor was Ivan Pankevych. The journal published source materials on the history, literature, geography, and economics of Transcarpathia and many articles on local folklore, ethnography, and dialectology, written mostly by village teachers and students. The main contributors were Pankevych, Avhustyn Voloshyn, M. Lelekach, Oleksander Markush, Luka Demian, and Irynei Kondratovych.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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