Pinzel, Johann Georg

Image - Johann Pinzel: sculpture on the baroque church (1751) of the Basilian monastery in Buchach. Image - Johann Georg Pinzel: Samson (Pinzel Museum in Lviv). Image - Johann Pinzel: Sacrifice (Pinzel Museum in Lviv). Image - Johann Pinzel: altar woodcut (fragment) (Ternopil Art Museum).

Pinzel, Johann Georg (Pinsel, Pincel, Pintsel) [Йоанн Георг Пінзель; Ioann Heorh Pinzel], b ? d ca 1761. Eighteenth-century sculptor; the leading representative of the so-called ‘Lviv school’ of the late-baroque and rococo sculpture. Almost nothing is known of Pinzel’s origins and personal life. In the mid 1740s he appeared in Buchach at the court of the starosta of Kaniv Mikołaj Bazyli Potocki and from that time he worked in Galicia, often in cooperation with the architect Bernard Meretyn. The most famous of his surviving works are the rococo stone statues of Saint Louis, Saint Athanasius, and Saint George on the façade of Saint George's Cathedral in Lviv (1759–61), the monuments of Saint John of Nepomuk and Saint Anna in Buchach, and the wood statues of the side altars in the Roman Catholic churches in Horodenka (1750s) and Monastyryska (1761). The stone carvings on the façade of the Buchach town hall, the figures and bas-reliefs in the Buchach Holy Protectress Church, and the sculpted church decorations in the Trinitarian Church in Lviv are attributed to him. He carved several crucifixions, the most interesting of which was in Saint Martin's Roman Catholic Church in Lviv. His work had a powerful influence on many 18-th century Galician sculptors and contributed to the establishment of the Galician tradition of rococo sculpture. The Pinzel Museum, a branch of the Lviv Art Gallery housing Pinzel’s sculptures, was opened in Lviv in 1996 in the former church of the Clarissines. In 2012 a large exhibition of Pinzel’s work took place at the Louvre Museum in Paris.
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Marko Robert Stech

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Image - Johann Pinzel: a sculpture of Saint George slaying the Dragon. Image - Johann Pinzel: Crucifixion (Pinzel Museum in Lviv). Image - Johann Pinzel: altar woodcut (fragment) (Ternopil Art Museum). Image - Johann Georg Pinzel: Abraham Sacrificing Isaak. Image - Johann Georg Pinzel: Monument of Saint Anna in Buchach. Image - Johann Georg Pinzel: Monument of Virgin Mary in Horodenka. Image - Johann Georg Pinzel: Saint Anna. Image - Johann Georg Pinzel: Saint Elizabeth. Image - Johann Georg Pinzel: Saint John the Evangelist

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