Praca (Work). A Polish socialist newspaper published in Lviv from July 1878 to 1892. Founded and edited by J. Daniluk and A. Mańkowski, it was at first intended for the printers and other artisans of Lviv. Under the influence of Mykhailo Pavlyk and especially Ivan Franko, who was one of the most frequent contributors to the paper and its leading theoretician, Praca tried to appeal to a broader readership of proletarians and peasants. It advocated political freedoms, printed the first socialist program in Galicia, and promoted co-operation among Polish, Ukrainian, and Jewish socialists there. Frequently censored by the authorities—over half of its issues in 1881–3 were confiscated—Praca appeared irregularly until 1890, when it became a semimonthly.

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