Robitnytsia (Working Woman). An organ of the Women’s Section of the Ukrainian Labour-Farmer Temple Association, published biweekly from 15 March 1924 to July 1937 (except 1932, when it appeared monthly) in Winnipeg. It was created through the merger of two other monthlies published in Winnipeg, Holos pratsi (Voice of Labour), established in April 1922 and edited by Matthew Popovich and Matthew Shatulsky, and Holos robitnytsi (Working Woman’s Voice), established in January 1923 and also edited by Popovich. Robitnytsia focused on education and child rearing, on the role of women in the class struggle, and on the growth of the Communist women's movement in Canada. It invariably supported Soviet policies in the Ukrainian SSR and criticized Polish rule in Western Ukraine. In 1929 the newspaper had a circulation of approximately 6,800. Its editors were all men: Myroslav Irchan (1924–9), M. Lenartovych (1929–32), Petro Prokopchak (1933–6), and P. Chaikivsky and P. Lysets.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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