Romer, Eugeniusz

Romer, Eugeniusz, b 3 February 1871 in Lviv, d 28 January 1954 in Cracow. Polish geographer and cartographer; member of the Polish Academy of Learning and the Polish Academy of Sciences. He graduated from Lviv University (PH D, 1894) and was professor there (1911–31). He wrote a number of synthetic works on the borders, morphology, and climate of Poland. In his works he treated Western Ukraine and Right-Bank Ukraine as an integral part of Poland on the ground that until 1772 they were part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. He did so in Geograficzno-statystyczny atlas Polski (Polish Geographical-Statistical Atlas, 1916), which was used as an authoritative source for establishing the borders of Poland in 1919–21. Romer served as a consultant on borders to the Polish government at the Paris Peace Conference. His attitude toward Ukraine and Ukrainians was hostile.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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