Rus’, newspaper

Rus’, newspaper [«Русь»]. A newspaper published twice a week in Lviv in 1867 (75 issues in all). It was founded and financed by Count Agenor Gołuchowski, the Galician vicegerent, and was intended to combat Russophilism in Galicia and attract Ukrainian support for the Habsburg dynasty. When the newspaper's populist editor began to defend Ukrainian interests against the Poles as well as the Russians, Gołuchowski withdrew his support, and the newspaper had to close down. Its publisher was K. Horbal, and its editor was Fedir Zarevych. Its contributors included O. Levytsky, Antin Mohylnytsky, and Volodymyr Shashkevych.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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