Zarevych, Fedir

Zarevych, Fedir [Заревич, Федір; Zarevyč; pseudonyms: Yurko Vorona, Fedko Klepailo, F.Z., V., V.Yu., Yu.V.], b 30 September 1835 in Slavske, Stryi circle, d 12 January 1879 in Skole, Stryi county, Galicia. Writer and journalist. He began publishing in 1860 and edited the first Galician Ukrainian journal, Vechernytsi (Lviv) (1862–3), and the anti-Russophile newspaper Rus’ (1867). He contributed political articles and nearly 20 stories (eg, ‘Khlops'ka dytyna’ [The Peasant Child]) and novellas (eg, ‘Syn opryshka’ [The Opryshok’s Son], ‘Zahubydush’ [The Cutthroat]) on social themes to those periodicals and to the monthly Meta, Nyva (1865), the newspaper Osnova, the journal Pravda, and the weekly Rusalka. He also wrote a drama, ‘Bondarivna’ (The Cooper’s Daughter, 1872). As a publicist he championed the Ukrainian peasants and criticized the Poles, the Russophiles, and Austrian policies. In 1872 he became a member of the executive board of the Prosvita society, and he served for a year as director of the Ruska Besida Theater. As a cultural and political figure he followed in the footsteps of the Ruthenian Triad and was a precursor of Ivan Franko. An edition of his works was published in Lviv in 1901.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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