Saint Basil the Great

Image - A book of works by Saint Basil the Great published by the Ostrih Press.

Saint Basil the Great (Sviatyi Vasylii Velykyi), b ca 329 in Turkey, d 379 in Turkey. Archbishop of Caesarea and church father. He was an influential preacher and writer and an early organizer of Eastern monastic life. His works were widely read in Kyivan Rus’. Several translations appeared in the Izbornik of Sviatoslav (1076), including his ‘Address to Young Men’ and ‘Hexaemeron,’ nine Lenten sermons on creation. His rules for monasticism and his ascetic writings influenced Ukrainian monasticism and inspired the formation of the Basilian monastic order, named in his honor. Saint Basil also wrote a Divine Liturgy that is still used by the Ukrainian Orthodox church and Ukrainian Catholic church on certain church holidays.

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