Sanguszko [Sanguško]. A Lithuanian-Ukrainian princely family (see Nobility) whose members controlled large estates in Volhynia, Podilia, and the Bratslav region from the 15th century. They held various positions in the governments of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish Kingdom. They were initially Orthodox and later converted to Catholicism.

Although some Polish heraldists (eg, Bartłomiej Paprocki) assert that the Sanguszko family line was established by Liubartas, others (eg, Maciej Stryjkowski) contend that it was founded by Fedor, the son of Algirdas. Notable members of the line included Oleksander Sanguszko (d ca 1491), the starosta of Volodymyr-Volynskyi and originator of the Koshary line (which died out in 1653); Mykhailo Sanguszko (d ca 1511), the originator of the Kovel line; Oleksander's son, Andrii Sanguszko, the starosta of Volodymyr-Volynskyi and marshal of Volhynia in the 15th century; and Oleksander's grandson, Andrii Sanguszko, the starosta of Lutsk in the 16th century. Fedir Sanguszko (d 1547) was starosta of Vinnytsia, Bratslav, and Volodymyr-Volynskyi as well as marshal of Volhynia; he participated in campaigns against the Crimean Tatars. Dmytro Sanguszko, the starosta of Cherkasy (ca 1530–4), was murdered in Moravia as a result of family feuding. Oleksander's grandson and Dmytro's brother, Roman Sanguszko (1537–71), was the Lithuanian field hetman (from 1567), noted for his victories against Muscovy and the Tatars; he opposed the Polish-Lithuanian Union of Lublin (1569), but he was forced to sign the treaty. Adam Oleksander Sanguszko, a voivode of Volhynia, promoted the union of the Ukrainian Orthodox church with the Catholic church (see Church Union of Berestia); he served as an emissary between Pope Urban VIII and Metropolitan Petro Mohyla. Evstafii (Eustachy) Sanguszko (1768–1844) was a powerful landowner and industrialist, with textile mills and other business ventures in Volhynia and the Kyiv region; his support of Napoleon in 1812 was pardoned, and his memoirs of the years 1786–1815 were published in 1876. Evstafii's son, Roman Stanyslav (Stanisław) Sanguszko (1800–81), a Polish politician, was exiled to Siberia for his part in the Polish Insurrection of 1830–1; he returned to Slavuta, where he administered the family industrial concerns (especially sugar refineries). Roman's nephew, Evstafii (Eustachy) Sanguszko (1842–1903), was a conservative politician in Galicia, marshal of the Galician Diet (1885–95), and governor of Galicia (1895–8). A selection of materials from the substantial family archive was published in Archiwum Książąt Lubartowiczów Sanguszków w Sławucie (Archive of the Princes Lubartowicz Sanguszko in Slavuta, 6 vols, 1887–1910).

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