Sheparovych, Yuliian

Sheparovych, Yuliian [Шепарович, Юліян; Šeparovyč, Julijan], b 16 February 1886 in Kolodiivka, Stanyslaviv county, Galicia, d 28 July 1949 in Munich. Military and community figure; brother of Ivan Sheparovych. He studied law at Lviv University. During the First World War he was an artillery officer in the Austrian army. As a major in the Ukrainian Galician Army (UHA), in January 1919 he commanded the Stanyslaviv Battery during battles with the Poles near Lviv and then the Third Artillery Regiment in the Third (Berezhany) Brigade of the Ukrainian Galician Army. After the disintegration of the UHA in 1920, he was chief of staff in the anti-Bolshevik partisan force commanded by Ananii Volynets in Volhynia. After returning to Galicia in the summer of 1920, he founded and then directed the Co-operative Union in Stanyslaviv. From 1925 he sat on the board of directors of Tsentrosoiuz, and from 1930 chaired the board. He also headed the Moloda Hromada society in Lviv. During the German occupation of Galicia he was an official of the Landwirtschaftliche Zentralstelle in Lublin and defended the interests of Ukrainian farmers and co-operatives. After the Second World War he emigrated to Germany.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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