Sieniawski, Adam

Sieniawski, Adam Mikołaj, b ca 1666, d 1726 in Lviv. Polish magnate; last of the Sieniawski dynasty. He was the voivode of Belz (from 1692), royal field hetman (from 1702), royal grand hetman (from 1706), and castellan of Cracow (from 1710). He fought against the Cossacks led by Semen Palii (1703–4) and was supported by Muscovy in his (unsuccessful) candidacy to the Polish throne (1706). His correspondence in 1704–8 with Hetman Ivan Mazepa, who hoped to bring him into a coalition against Muscovy, was published by the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences (ed Orest Subtelny). As a consequence of the marriage of his daughter, Zofia, Sieniawski’s considerable properties were transferred to the Czartoryski family after his death.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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