Skoreyko, William

Skoreyko, William [Скорейко, Василь; Skorejko, Vasyl'], b 8 December 1922 in Edmonton, Alberta, d 28 September 1987 in Edmonton. Businessman and politician. Born into a family of Ukrainian immigrants to Canada from Bukovyna, Skoreyko served in the Canadian Army in 1940 soon after the outbreak of the Second World War. After studying commerce after the war and opening his own business, he stood as the candidate for the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada to the House of Commons in the Edmonton East riding in the 1958 federal election. He defeated the sitting Member of Parliament Ambrose Holowach, a fellow Ukrainian politician. Along with several other Ukrainian candidates, Skoreyko was elected during the landslide victory of the Progressive Conservative Party led by Prime Minister John Diefenbaker. Although he served as a backbencher during most of his parliamentary career, he was active in inter-parliamentary affairs and in committee work. He was a critic on issues relating to citizenship and immigration in 1963–4 and as assistant critic concerning manpower and immigration in 1976–7. Skoreyko was interested in issues relating to NATO and the European allies and he was Chairman of a NATO Parliamentary Delegation to Paris. He demonstrated his political skills during election campaigns by defeating several prominent opponents in federal elections, such as John Decore in the 1962 federal election and Preston Manning in 1965. Skoreyko retired from politics undefeated after serving seven consecutive terms in the House of Commons. He did not seek re-election in 1979. Skoreyko was noted for his involvement in the Ukrainian community and was a member of the Edmonton Ukrainian Professional Business Men’s Association, the Royal Canadian (Norwood) Legion, Saint John's Institute, and the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada. He was also a member of the Edmonton East Business Men’s Association and the Masonic Ivanhoe Lodge.

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