Stepankivsky, Volodymyr

Stepankivsky, Volodymyr [Степанківський, Володимир; Stepankivs'kyj], b 13 January 1885 in eastern Podilia, d 9 April 1960 in New York. Political activist and journalist. He was active in the Revolutionary Ukrainian party and an executive member of the Ukrainian Social Democratic Workers' party (USDRP). After emigrating in 1907 to Switzerland and then to France and England he contributed articles under various pseudonyms to Rada (Kyiv), Dilo, and the organs of the USDRP. In 1909 he founded the Ukrainian Hromada in London, and in 1911 he began to inform the European public about Ukraine. With Mykhailo Tyshkevych he organized the Ucraina Information Society in Lausanne and edited its weekly L’Ukraine (1915–20) and, irregularly, The Ukraine. His pamphlet The Russian Plot to Seize Galicia (Austrian Ruthenia) appeared in the United States in 1915. In Bern he collaborated with Dmytro Dontsov (1916–17) in publishing the bulletin of the Bureau of the Peoples of Russia. In the mid-1920s he emigrated to the United States and withdrew from Ukrainian public life.

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