Ukraïns’ki robitnychi visty

Ukraïns’ki robitnychi visty («Українські робітничі вісти»; Ukrainian Labor News). A pro-Communist newspaper published in Winnipeg, Manitoba; an organ of the Ukrainian Labour-Farmer Temple Association. It appeared weekly from March 1919, twice a week from April 1920, and then three times a week from March 1924. In January 1935 it became the first and only Ukrainian-language daily newspaper in Canada. The paper published articles on political and economic topics and devoted considerable attention to the labor movement and trade unionism in Canada. It also published laudatory articles about developments in Soviet Ukraine and news of the international Communist movement, and made strident attacks on Ukrainian ‘bourgeois nationalists.’ The first editor was Danylo Lobai, who was assisted by Matthew Shatulsky from 1920. In 1935 Lobai left the newspaper and split with the Communist movement over events in the Soviet Union. He was replaced by Matthew Popovich and, later, Peter Krawchuk, A. Bilecki, and Mykola Hrynchyshyn. In 1937 Ukraïns’ki robitnychi visty ceased publication and was succeeded by Narodna hazeta (Winnipeg). At the height of its popularity in 1929 the paper had a circulation of approx 10,000.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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