Ukraïns’kyi istoryk

Ukraïns’kyi istoryk («Український історик»; Ukrainian Historian, or UI). A quarterly journal on Ukrainian history, published in one or two volumes per annum. The first three issues were published by the Zarevo Ukrainian Student Association (1963–4), and the Ukrainian Historical Association published the journal from the fourth issue. The founder and chief editor of UI was Lubomyr Wynar, who was assisted by Marko Antonovych. The journal was printed in the United States until 1964 and in Munich until 1986, and was again printed in the United States after 1987. The language of the publication was primarily Ukrainian, although some papers were printed in the original English, German, or another language.

UI published research on the history of Ukraine and on related historical disciplines, as well as source materials, memoirs, epistolary documents, abstracts, reprints from other publications, reviews, annals, and so on. One of its major accomplishments was its comprehensive illumination of the life and work of Mykhailo Hrushevsky (particularly by Lubomyr Wynar, who founded a section of UI dedicated to Hrushevsky studies). Separate volumes of the journal focused on eminent Ukrainian historians (Hrushevsky, nos 9–10 and 81–4; Oleksander Ohloblyn, nos 25–7; Wynar, nos 69–72; Dmytro Doroshenko, Viacheslav Lypynsky, and Mykhailo Slabchenko, nos 75–7; and Oleh Kandyba, nos 85–8) and on historic jubilees and anniversaries (the centenary of the Shevchenko Scientific Society [NTSh], nos 37–8; the millennium of the Christianization in Ukraine, nos 97–100). Some papers appearing in UI were republished as monographs, including Wynar’s essay on Hrushevsky and the NTSh in 1892–1930, Yaroslav Pasternak’s historical, archeological, and linguistic study of early Slavs, and Bohdan Wynar’s examination of the development of economic thought in Kyivan Rus’.

Marko Antonovych

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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