Ukrainian Academy of Printing

Ukrainian Academy of Printing [Українська академія друкарства; Ukrainska akademiia drukarstva]. The only postsecondary school in Ukraine for the training of skilled workers and managers in the publishing industry and the printing industry. It was established as the Ukrainian Printing Institute in Kharkiv in 1930 out of faculties of the Kyiv State Art Institute and the Kharkiv Art Institute. Since 1945 it has been located in Lviv. In 1994 it was reorganized and renamed the Ukrainian Academy of Printing. The academy has the teaching staff of approximately 200, in 5 faculties (computer printing engineering; publishing, printing and information technologies; economics and book distribution management; qualifications upgrading; and correspondence courses) and 20 chairs. Approximately 6,600 students, including over 2,500 correspondence students, are enrolled in its three- and five-year programs each year.

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