Ukrainske Narodnie Mystetstvo

Image - Ukrainske Narodnie Mystetstvo managers: Iryna Pavlykovska, Stefaniia Chyzhovych. Image - A cover of the Nova Khata women's journal.

Ukrainske Narodnie Mystetstvo (Українське Народнє Мистецтво; Ukrainian Folk Art). A folk-art and handicrafts co-operative established in 1922 in Lviv. It operated workshops for Ukrainian handicrafts and organized courses to teach folk art. In 1936 its 13 workshops employed almost 500 workers. It also administered a system for the distribution and sale of folk art, especially embroidered goods, woolen kilims, and wood carvings. Ukrainske Narodnie Mystetstvo worked with various local co-operatives in Lviv, Kosiv, Vilshany, and elsewhere and operated stores in Lviv and Warsaw. The co-operative also organized exhibitions of Ukrainian folk art in Stryi, Prague, and Chicago and sold goods at international trade shows. From 1925 it published the journal Nova khata. Its board of directors was headed by Stefaniia Montsibovych and then I. Bonkovska. Its leading organizers included Stefaniia Pushkar, Iryna Pavlykovska, and S. Savytska. After the Soviet occupation of Galicia the co-operative and its workshops were transformed into artels.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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