Visti kombatanta

Visti kombatanta («Вісті комбатанта»; Veterans' News). A journal established in 1961 by the United Ukrainian War Veterans in America and the Brotherhood of Former Soldiers of the First Ukrainian Division of the Ukrainian National Army in association with the Brotherhood of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, Former Members of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, and the Ukrainian War Veterans’ Association of Canada. It appeared quarterly in New York until 1964; from 1965 it was published bimonthly in Toronto. The editors have been Ivan Kedryn (after 1961), Yurii Tys (1961–4), Vasyl Veryha (1965–74), and M. Maletsky (after 1974). The journal contains articles and memoirs pertaining to Ukrainian military formations in the years 1917–21 and 1939–50, and articles on military strategy, the Western and Soviet armed forces, international and Soviet politics, and Ukrainian affairs. Its more than 325 contributors include V. Fedorovych, O. Horodysky, R. Kolisnyk, A. Komarnytsky, Feliks Korduba, R. Krokhmaliuk, Yaroslav Kurdydyk, Liubomyr Ortynsky, Bohdan Pidhainy, Valentyn Simiantsev, Petro Samutyn, M. Sulyma, and V. Trembitsky. An author and subject index to the journal for the years 1961–85 was published in 1987.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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