Kedryn, Ivan

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Kedryn, Ivan [Кедрин, Іван or Кедрин-Рудницький, Іван; pseudonym of Ivan Rudnytsky], b 22 April 1896 in Khodoriv, Bibrka county, Galicia, d 4 March 1995 in Jersey City, New Jersey. A prominent journalist and political leader; full member of the Shevchenko Scientific Society. He is the brother of Milena Rudnytska, Mykhailo Rudnytsky, and Antin Rudnytsky. A graduate of Vienna University (1923), he worked on the staff of the journal Volia (Vienna) (1920–2) and the newspaper Dilo in Lviv (1922–39). For a time he served as Dilo’s Warsaw correspondent (1926–36) and as the first press attaché of the Ukrainian Parliamentary Representation in Warsaw (1925–31). In 1937–9 he was Dilo’s editor for political affairs. As a veteran of the Army of the Ukrainian National Republic and a leading member of the Ukrainian National Democratic Alliance (UNDO), he was responsible for liaison between the UNDO and Colonel Yevhen Konovalets of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, and between the UNDO and the Government-in-exile of the Ukrainian National Republic. In 1944 he immigrated to Austria, where he headed the Ukrainian Central Relief Alliance in Austria (1946–9). Having settled in the United States of America in 1949, he served for many years on the editorial board of Svoboda. He was president of United Ukrainian War Veterans in America and coeditor of its Visti kombatanta. Kedryn has edited various collections and almanacs, including the history of the Sich Riflemen Zoloti Vorota (The Golden Gates, 1937). His more important works are Beresteis'kyi myr: Spomyny i materiialy (The Peace Treaty of Brest-Litovsk: Recollections and Materials, 1928), Prychyny upadku Pol’shchi (The Causes of Poland’s Fall, 1940), Paraleli z istoriï Ukraïny (Parallels in the History of Ukraine, 1971), a book of memoirs, Zhyttia—podiï—liudy (Life—Events—People, 1976), and a collection of selected articles, U mezhakh zatsikavlennia (Within the Range of [My] Interests, 1986). As a journalist he wrote numerous articles for the Ukrainian, Polish, German, and English press on a wide range of topics, including Ukrainian political and community life, world politics, and cultural developments.

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[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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