Zachariasiewicz, Jan

Zachariasiewicz, Jan, b 1 September 1825 in Radymno, Peremyshl circle, d 7 May 1906 in Kryvcha, Peremyshl county, Galicia. Polish Galician writer and radical democrat. In the years 1844–9 and 1851–65 he worked as a journalist and newspaper editor in Lviv. He wrote many publicistic novels about Galician society. They include ‘Uczony’ (The Scholar, 1855), based loosely on the life of Ivan Vahylevych, Święty Jur (Saint George's Cathedral, 3 vols, 1862), in which he criticized the Uniate clergy, and Jarema (Yarema, 1863), about conflicts between the Polish gentry and the Ukrainian peasants. He was a popular writer in his time. An 11-volume edition of his collected works was published in 1886–8.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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