Zhinka [«Жінка»; Woman]. A monthly and then semimonthly newspaper of the Union of Ukrainian Women, published in Lviv from January 1935 to May 1938. It contained articles on politics, culture, feminism, education, health, hygiene, home economics, fashion, and child rearing; prose; poetry; and reports on the activities of the union and the women's movement in Western Ukraine and elsewhere. Zhinka was edited by Olena Fedak-Sheparovych and Milena Rudnytska. Regular contributors included Sofiia Rusova, Zinaida Mirna, Katria Hrynevycheva, Sofiia Parfanovych, I. Gurgula, Mariia Strutynska, and Iryna Nevytska. Zhinka was subject to Polish censorship, and in 1938 it and the union were suppressed by the Polish authorities. In its place Hromadianka was published in 1938–9.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of #Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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