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Image - Chuhuiv: Nykytska Street (1860s photo).
Image - Coat of arms of Chuhuiv (since 1781)

Chuhuiv [Čuhujiv]. Map: IV-17. City (2005 pop 34,400), raion center in Kharkiv oblast, located on the banks of the Donets River. Chuhuiv was known from 1627 as a frontier settlement. From the middle of the 17th century to 1765 it was a company town in the Kharkiv regiment. In 1780 it was given the status of a city. From 1817 to 1857 Chuhuiv was the center of a district of military settlements. A revolt of military settlers of the Chuhuiv regiment, known as the Chuhuiv uprising, was ruthlessly crushed in 1819. From 1857 Chuhuiv was an autonomous (zashtatne) town in Zmiiv county in Kharkiv gubernia. In 1897 it had a population of 12,600, and in 1926, 14,400. The population was occupied in agriculture, crafts, and trade. Today it is an industrial city, producing heating equipment, precision equipment, research apparatus, building materials, reinforced concrete, furniture, food, and artistic embroidery. The painter Ilia Repin was born in Chuhuiv. Today his home is the Repin Memorial Art Museum. The city also has an art gallery.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]