Osnova Union of Ukrainian Students in Danzig

Osnova Union of Ukrainian Students in Danzig (Союз українських студентів «Основа» в Данціґу; Soiuz ukrainskykh studentiv ‘Osnova’ v Dantsigu). An organization founded in October 1922 by Ukrainian students studying at the Polytechnical Institute in Danzig (now Gdańsk). In 1924 Osnova had 123 members. It was soon eclipsed by new Ukrainian student fraternities (Halych, Zarevo, and Chornomore), and functioned largely as a loose federation of those groups and local political student groups. Osnova ran a student center and refectory and remained active until March 1945. It was affiliated with the Central Union of Ukrainian Students (it hosted its first congress in 1923), the Union of Ukrainian Student Organizations in Germany and Danzig, and the Nationalist Organization of Ukrainian Students in Germany (from 1942). Osnova’s presidents were, in chronological order, Yu. Yaremkevych, I. Trach, M. Yarymovych, M. Bukoiemsky, S. Pyndus, S. Shmatera, Ya. Mokhnatsky, T. Hrushkevych, M. Rakovsky, R. Zahaikevych, S. Genyk-Berezovsky, Ya. Yendyk, D. Borynets, R. Stakhiv, and M. Vykrykach.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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