Tavriia National University

Tavriia National University [Таврійський національний університет імені В. Вернадського; Tavriiskii natsionalnyi universitet imeni V. Vernadskoho). An institution of higher learning in Simferopol; the first institution of higher learning in the Crimea, founded in 1918 as Tavriia University. At the university's founding, the members of the faculty included the scholars Mykola Andrusiv, Volodymyr Vernadsky, Boris Grekov, Volodymyr Luchytsky, and Aleksandr Palladin. The physical-mathematical department in particular has thrived remarkably during its relatively brief but high-powered existence. Its physics staff has included such world-renowned scholars as Yakov Frenkel, Mykola Krylov, Abram Yoffe, and Igor Tamm (Nobel Prize, 1958). Among the 1923 physics graduates of the Crimean University were Igor Kurchatov, the pioneer of nuclear energy in the USSR (a nuclear research institute in Moscow is named after him), and Kyrylo Synelnykov, the Ukrainian designer of charged-particle accelerators and long-term (1944–65) director of the Physical-Technical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Ukrainian SSR (now NANU) in Kharkiv. In 1921 the institution was renamed Crimean University and named in honor of Mikhail Frunze. In 1925 it was reorganized as the Crimean Pedagogical Institute. In 1972 it was renamed Simferopol University. In 1999 the institution was granted a national university status, named in honor of Volodymyr Vernadsky, and assumed its present name. Today the university has had fifteen faculties: history, Ukrainian philology, philosophy, administration, geography, physics, mathematics and informatics, biology and chemistry, psychology, Crimean Tatar and eastern studies, foreign languages, economics, law, Slavic studies and journalism, and physical education and sport. The student enrollment is approximately 14,000. The library has over 1,190,000 volumes in its collection.

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