Ukrainian Citizens' Committee

Ukrainian Citizens' Committee [Горожанський комітет; Horozhanskyi komitet, or Український горожанський комітет; Ukrainskyi horozhanskyi komitet). A Ukrainian public body formed in Lviv in December 1918, after the evacuation of the government of the Western Ukrainian National Republic, for the purpose of representing the interests of the city’s Ukrainian community before the Polish occupational authorities and providing relief to the victims of the military operations (particularly prisoners of war and political prisoners). The committee had several departments—charitable (Samaritan), legal aid, and clandestine operations for liaison with the Ukrainian army. The president of the committee was Stepan Fedak, and its leading members were Lev Hankevych, Rev Leontii Kunytsky, Mariian Panchyshyn, and Olena Fedak-Sheparovych. Most of its membership consisted of women. The body was dissolved in September 1921.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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